Host Family

Becoming a host family is a stimulating, rewarding multicultural experience. It will be an enriching experience for you and your kids, a time of growth for your  kids who will  have the opportunity to get to know, appreciate and respect a different culture while re-discovering their own traditions.
If you want to embark on this adventure, you absolutely need to have: an open mind, a sense of hospitality, a feeling of trust, strong committment and a great deal of patience.
Hosting an au pair is not just about responsibilities. It also involves many practical advantages besides giving your children the chance to learn a new language.  Au pairs take care of your children, help you with the housekeeping, can babysit and so on.. Au pairs can really be a valid help in your daily life..

Host Family's Requirements

- You have at least one child under the age of 18 for the Au Pair to take care of.    
- You have a room for the Au Pair available at the family’s place.  
- You must give the Au Pair some time off in order for her/him to attend a language class .
- You have a different nationality form the Au Pair's one.        


Fees for the Host family from abroad

When the application is accepted, you will be asked to pay a 100,00 Euro fee.
The payment must be transferred following our instructions after the au pair has been selected and upon receipt of the invitation letter.

You can also pay via :

  • paypal (by clicking on the function send money and typing the address
  • bank transfer (beneficiary Claudia Caterina Delia, causal: Intermediation service, IBAN IT91L3608105138261264361270, cod. BIC/SWIFT PPAYITR1XXX)

Only upon the payment of the fee, the family wil be entitled to be assisted by our agency, For late payments beyond the set deadline, no assistance will be provided by us and the au pair will be hosted by another family.
If the relationship between the family and the au pair should cease, after the family has already paid the balance, you will be entitled to the replacement of the Au pair (if possible) or the refund of the partial amount corresponding to the period of stay, if communicated within and not exceeding the first 30 days.

Please note that no refund will be granted, if:
  • the host family drops out of the  programme after final confirmation. The final confirmation occurs when the invitattion Letter, filled in all its parts, is sent and the fee  is paid.
  • the information contained in the Invitation Letter differs from the information  in the Application Form (for example type of au pair/tasks required), which may cause the au pair to decline the offer.

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